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Matte painting of “Rapier 1” A-Wing prototype concept painting by Dark Hoffman

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One Jedi... One Sith... One Crystal...

Sith "Malathrax"

”The Blood Crystal" is an original fan film written and directed by Dark Hoffman based on the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas.

Padawan "Soon Ta'ka"

This is a story of one Jedi, one Sith and the adventures they take searching for the one, all powerful Blood Kyber Crystal that will change their lives forever.

Jedi "Drovat"

The timeline is between "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New Hope" where there are still hidden groups of Jedi and Sith which form the basis for our characters.

We’re in Post Production NOW! And here’s what’s new.

Rapier 1 A-wing and introducing R4

Rapier One W-wing and introducing R4

501st Legion

501st Legion

The Dark Side

Young Malathrax

About Writer and Director Dark Hoffman

Anything is possible....

Dark headshot

I am a survivor of stage 4 head and neck cancer and the idea came to me while I was recovering from extensive surgery and brutal chemo and radiation therapIrs. To get me through it, I wrote down every idea that came into my head for this film that had been brewing for quite some time.

”The Blood Crystal" will have that same "old school" feeling as the original film from 1977. To capture the vibe, we will be using miniatures, realistic props, and matte paintings to allow for state of the art visual effects.  Also, an original score has be composed in the style of John Williams to give that extra special touch. This fan film promises to be above and beyond any Star Wars fan film that has ever been made before!

Thank you and May the Force be with you!

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The Blood Crystal Fan Film

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