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Episode One: Agents of the Rebellion

After a seemingly impossible battle with The Empire, Captain Drovat and his Padawan Soon Ta'ka find them themsleves on one of the moons of Orsicca.

Episode Two: Blood Ties

Captain Drovat, Soon Ta'ka and Lord Malathrax continue their quest in finding the all-powerful "Blood Crystal."

Episode Three: The Sith Manifesto

Captain Drovat...  Sith Malathrax...  who will find the all powerful "Blood Crystal?"  

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One Jedi... One Sith... One Crystal...


Captain Jedi Drovat

Captain Drovat was rescued at the end of the Clone Wars from an Imperial Kyber mining camp as a child by the Rebellion, losing his family in the rescue attempt. Taken by the Rebels, a Jedi Master, Mal Orra, took him under his wing and trained him to hone his skills in hopes of rebuilding the fallen Jedi Order as the Force ran strong in Drovat's family.


Sith Lord Malathrax

Theos was rescued during the end of the Clone Wars as a child and was taken into a small hidden Sith Order to help build the new Empire and restore order to the Sith as the new Lord Malathrax. He too was trained but by a Sith Master to hone his abilities and bring him closer to the Dark Side.


Padawan Soon Ta'ka

Soon Ta'ka is a half human, half Mirialan, Padawan to Captain Drovat. She was also saved as a child by the Rebellion from the Empire and found she had latent Force powers, having been taught by the same Jedi master as Drovat. She shares a strong bond with the Captain and they have a secret relationship, forbidden in the Jedi Order.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll see...

Rapier One W-wing and introducing R4

Rapier 1 A-wing and introducing R4-D4 (R2-D2's cousin)

Rapier 1 A-wing and introducing R4-D4 (R2-D2's cousin)

Rapier 1 A-wing and introducing R4-D4 (R2-D2's cousin)

501st Legion

501st Legion

Rapier 1 A-wing and introducing R4-D4 (R2-D2's cousin)

Rapier 1 A-wing and introducing R4-D4 (R2-D2's cousin)

Young Malathrax

The Dark Side

Rapier 1 A-wing and introducing R4-D4 (R2-D2's cousin)

The Dark Side

"Reaction video" on Episode One

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"Reaction video" on Episode Two

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"Reaction video" on Episode Three

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